Next CASK Meeting...

The next CASK meeting will be held Saturday, November 12th at Seven Bridges Grill & Brewery. This month's interklub competition will be Clone Wars! Judging starts promptly at 5pm. Social Hour begins at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7pm.

What's Firkin Going On....

2015 Comp de L'abbaye Normale - (Klub Member Only) Belgian Competition (RESULTS ARE IN!)
There were 72 judged entries for this year's event. The quality of the beer being brewed by CASK members is outstanding. We should be dominating the Florida club circuit. Competition results below:

Aardwolf - Session Belgian (15 Entries)
Joe Gilfus - Gold
Jay Stockton - Silver
Troy Orton - Bronze

Bold City
- Belgian Stout (8 Entries)
Preston Patterson - Gold
Troy Orton - Silver
Shaun Stewart - Bronze

Engine 15
- Belgian IPA (4 Entries)
Dave Lemaire - Gold
Eric Hodina - Silver
John Keane - Bronze

Green Room
- Trappist Single (11 Entries)
Jesse Johnson - Gold
Ryan Bertolas - Silver
Jack Griego - Bronze

Intuition Ale Works
- Dubble (7 Entries)
Travis Denmark/Eric Hodina - Gold
Ken Jordan - Silver
Richard Ten Hulzen - Bronze

- Belgian Blonde (8 Entries)
Ed Stansel - Gold
Shaun Stewart - Silver
Chris/Ian Dibble - Bronze

Seven Bridges
- Belgian Rye Brown (3 Entries)
Eric Hodina - Gold
Mike Lentz - Silver
Richard Ten Hulzen - Bronze

- Belgian Pale Ale (7 Entries)
John Keane - Gold
Jack Griego - Silver
Dave Lemaire - Bronze

Non Sponsored Styles (9 Entries)
Shaun Newman - Gold, Belgian Tripel
Andy Hariton - Silver, Belgian Dark Strong
Jason Click - Bronze, Belgian Tripel